What is Aruba Clearpass and Why You Should Care? (2024)

by Kyle on July 7, 2020

What is Aruba Clearpass and Why You Should Care? (1)

In an increasingly interconnected world, IT departments are finding it harder to manage access to their networks. The growing Internet of Things (IoT) and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trends are the main causes. Given the various devices that are connected to your network at any given time, how do you keep it secure?

Meet Aruba Clearpass

It’s a policy management platform that’s popular with tech-focused businesses. As a Network Access Control (NAC) solution, it’s useful when on-boarding new devices, granting access levels, and securing networks.

Aruba ClearPass makes it easier to comply with security policies when adding personal and business devices to your network. You can achieve anywhere, anytime connectivity while still maintaining top-notch security. This increased visibility is achieved in three main steps:


This shows you the kind of devices that are accessing your network. It provides detailed statistics, such as how many they are and where they’re accessing from. Over time, this consistent insight improves network visibility by showing a detailed landscape of connected devices. You can easily identify these devices by their model, MAC or IP addresses, VLAN, NIC vendor, and OS version.


What is Aruba Clearpass and Why You Should Care? (2)Due to the varying types of devices trying to gain access, you may find it hard to enforce network policies. ClearPass helps you define the expected user experience for all devices while accounting for their fast-evolving nature. You don’t have to have any specialized networking knowledge to perform this task.

A basic security foundation defines the type of users and devices that can onboard. It also places restrictions on the number of devices each user should onboard. You can then enforce access through a portal, encryption and other authentication methods.


Every device connected to your network ideally presents a security threat. ClearPass OnGuard allows you to set health standards a user must meet before being allowed access. Endpoint posture assessments isolate or disconnect all wired and wireless devices that don’t adhere to the defined corporate security policies. These endpoint health checks are automated to run at any time of the day.

Aruba ClearPass Exchange has solid third-party integration with most of your security stacks and associated tech solutions. These include firewalls, Mobile Device Management (MDM), Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM).

Key Features

Aruba ClearPass has a web-based interface that simplifies configuration and troubleshooting. Other features include:

  • High-quality performance, load balancing, and scalability.
  • Role-based access management for multi-vendor wired and wireless networks.
  • MDM integration, NAC support, and Microsoft Network Access Protection (NAP) health checks.
  • SAML v2.0 which enables both auto and single sign-on.
  • Real time tracking and reporting of device access, user authentication attempts, and failures.
  • APIs for easy integration with third party services such as internet security and SIEM.
  • Detailed device profiling and automatic on-boarding.
  • Guest access management with convenient customization options.What is Aruba Clearpass and Why You Should Care? (3)

Main Benefits of Aruba ClearPass

ClearPass is one of the few policy managers that includes all relevant NAC solutions on one platform. Network access credentials are granted depending on users’ roles, device model and health, MDM status, time and location. Other benefits are:

Simplicity: All policies and enforcements are centrally defined. You don’t need separate policy management systems for diverse groups of users and devices. This improves security because you have a clear picture of your overall security architecture.

Flexible deployment options: With Aruba ClearPass, you can start by granting employees and other users guest access. After this, they can easily self-configure their devices and integrate MDM. The platform’s scalability enables thousands of new devices and users to be added seamlessly.

Convenient policy management: Other than multiple authentication options, it allows integration with several identity stores. These include internal databases, Microsoft Active Directory, and token servers. Its built-in device profiling service can identify and categorize all endpoints. Unmanaged or non-802.1X devices are also easily identifiable. Examples are printers, VOIP phones, and security cameras.

Top-level security: ClearPass Onboard has a captive portal that automatically identifies devices based on its operating system. Valid ones are prompted to configure relevant SSID and 802.1X settings, as well as downloading their unique credentials.

ClearPass Guest allows non-IT users to have temporary accounts through which they can access wired and wireless networks. These accounts can be set to expire after a certain amount of time.

Other than the ability to delete credentials for lost devices, you can also configure special rules for suspicious devices. ClearPass OnGuard performs regular health checks, which include detailed endpoint posture assessments.

With ClearPass Exchange, you can automate repetitive IT processes. This makes the experience more intuitive for users. It also increases efficiency because you don’t have to perform manual configurations to sync systems. You not only improve business workflow but security as well.

It’s clear to see why Aruba ClearPass is the best policy management solution in the market. At Hummingbird Networks, we’re conversant with all its technical aspects. Our expertise in installing, maintaining and upgrading this platform means you never have to worry about unauthorized network access.

Contact us today for a detailed overview of all of its capabilities.What is Aruba Clearpass and Why You Should Care? (4)

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What is Aruba Clearpass and Why You Should Care? (2024)
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